CTP 5.6

CTP is software specifically designed for animated series production
5.6.4 (See all)

CTP is software specifically designed for broadcast and film quality animated series production. To run the CTP you only need a standard Windows computer, a simple scanner and a graphics tablet if applicable.
This software is ideal for all cartoon freelancers and producers, because it simplifies enormously their work flow: with a simple click on their mouse, cartoonists will achieve what previously took several hours. With the CTP, they can accomplish the entire production process from start to end, and become in this way full sequence producers.
In the same way, production houses will be able to work with many more external systems at the same time, but with unified criteria, increasing their productivity which will result in more income.
Its price is so affordable that cartoonists will be able to have it at their house or studio, and production houses will have more control over job planning.

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